Anza Money: Widgets

Anza Money widgets are designed to minimize the time required for recording a transaction.

In particular, they allow users to bring the most frequently encountered transaction templates directly to the main Android screens for two-click processing. Widgets can also be tuned to lead to the specific accounts and quickly add transactions for the selected account. There are two types of Anza Money Widgets:

Anza Money Widget

This is designed to get you quickly to the most frequently used accounts. Selecting this widget will bring up a setup screen with the list of accounts (like in Chart of Accounts) and checkboxes on the right side. Select accounts that you want to be included in the widget. Click OK. The widget will be created to your specification.

The widget has three touch areas: Account, Transactions, and Add Transaction. Tapping once on the account name will cycle through the list of the accounts that you selected for the widget. Tapping on the “entries” icon  will lead you into the list of transactions for the selected account. The shortest option is to click on the plus sign and get directly to the transaction definition for the selected account.

Anza Money Quick

This widget adds additional options for optimizing your workflow. Selecting the widget brings up the setup screen with Chart of Accounts, Quick Transaction, and Select Template options:

  • Chart of Accounts creates a widget with direct link to the Chart of Accounts, so it has the same meaning as opening Anza Money and selecting Chart of Accounts from the menu.
  • Quick Transaction is the link to Quick Transaction using templates from the application main menu.
  • Select Template links the widget to the selected template, so the transaction can be created in the least number of steps. This is a favorite option for power users of Anza Money who invested into building a good list of templates. Note that each book has its own set of templates.