Anza Money: Tools

Anza Money deals with processing and storing data, hence it needs some house cleaning tools. The tools can be accessed directly from the Main Screen. When you click on the Tools option, a drop down menu of tools will be shown for you to pick a tool of your choice. The following tools are available:


Backing up of your data does not require any additional configuration. Simply click on the Backup option and Anza Money will save your data. Different backups can be recognized by time stamps that include the date and the time of the backup. The backup includes information about transactions, hierarchy of categories and accounts, templates, reports, and preferences. Backup files are stored on Android in the Anza Money\backup folder. It is recommended to copy backup files to a different location to ensure further protection for the information. For example, some cloud-based file storages (such as DropBox or Google Drive) provide a safe storage.

Backup To

This function allows you to backup your data to an external application such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


Restore is a symmetric to backing up. Click the Restore option and select the backup with the time stamp that you want to restore. Attention: the current state of the data may change when Anza Money applies the backup: all changes that took place after the time of the backup will be lost.

Restore From

 Much like Backup To, this function allows you to restore your data from an external application such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Verify/Rebuild Data

This is a “silent” feature: Anza Money application scans the data and verifies relations and balances. This process is expected to finish successfully at all times.

Export Book

Saving current book in XML format.

Import Demo Book

This tool allows users to re-install the Demo Book.

Import CSV File

This tool allows you to import a CSV file with data from another program/application.To then access the data you have imported, refer to (Lists-Outer Accounts Links) In order for your import to be successful, the table that you are importing must have the following required and/or optional columns (also listed when the ? icon is clicked):

  • Required:Transaction Value, Transaction Date (completed), Account (from), Account (to)
  • Optional: Transaction Name, Transaction Date (initial), Rate (if different currency)