Anza Money: Templates

Most financial transactions tend to be repetitive (for example, buying gasoline, coffee, groceries, and so on). The patterns of these frequent transactions do not change much. Anza Money provides a way of speeding up recording of such frequent transactions with the help of Templates. A template is a stub for a future transaction that populates transaction attributes with preselected values. You can create and modify templates at your convenience.

There are two ways to create a template. The simplest way is to create a template from an existing transaction that you expect to use frequently. Find the transaction that you want to use as a template in the future and bring up the menu of options by long-clicking on it. Select “Save as Template”. The second way is through the Lists option on the main screen. Select Quick Transaction and then add a new template by clicking on the plus icon at the left bottom part of the screen. The template setup screen is not much different than a transaction setup, but templates can also be organized in hierarchies similar to accounts/categories. Hence, you are going to see a “Parent” option that allows you to organize templates into a tree structure (similarly to accounts).

Once you have the template created, there are several additional options available. Long clicking on the template brings up the following menu of options:

  • Add New Inside - will create a child template.
  • Edit record - will bring up the current template’s setup screen.
  • Delete record - will delete the template; if the template is a parent in the hierarchy, a dialog will warn you about deleting sub-templates too.
  • Create transaction - will use the current template for a new transaction.
  • Duplicate - will make a new template and use the current template to populate the fields.
  • Set/Remove Favorite - will change the favorite status of the template.

Transactions using templates can be used directly from the Android screens with the help of Anza Money Widget. See the Widgets section for the instructions on how to install Anza Money widgets. In brief, the widgets can support links to the list of templates as well as direct links to templated transactions. Thus, widgets in Anza Money play roles of tunable tools for speeding up your bookkeeping activities. We recommend utilizing widgets for the convenience! (More on this see in the Widgets section.