Anza Money: Preferences

Anza Money is tunable to your preferences. Select Preferences on the main (entry) screen of the application to access tunable parameters.

User Interface Preferences


When the application is being installed the first time, a choice of the following themes is given: “Dark” and “Light”. Check the option you want to use to modify the look of user interface.Height of List Items. A sliding scale allows you to choose the minimum size of list items.

Money Format. The way that the amount of money is displayed in the application can be customized. Short click on this preference group to bring up the menu of options. The custom options are disabled by default. Check Custom Formatting to enable access to tunable parameters of the amount formatting. The following attributes can be customized:

  • Place Currency Symbol: the symbol can be placed in front of the amount value or behind it (default is in front of the value).
  • Currency Separator: referring to the space between the currency symbol and the amount (the default is no space).
  • Decimal Mark: a symbol separating integral and decimal components of the numeric value.
  • Large Value Grouping: a symbol separating thousands in the amount value (the default is none).
  • Positive Value Prefix: a character preceding a positive value of the amount (the default is none)
  • Positive Value Suffix: a character following a positive value of the amount (the default is none)
  • Negative Value Prefix: a character preceding a negative value of the amount (the default is minus)
  • Negative Value Suffix: a character following the negative value of the amount (the default is none).


Accounts Preferences

Do Not Display Decimals. Checking this option will cut off the decimal part in amount display (note: no rounding of the number is performed). This option affects the display of the number only and it does not affect the actual amount stored in the database.  

Display Alert. You can set an alert when account value reaches a certain threshold. The threshold is set by the following option. This is useful for the accounts that have fixed limits such as credit accounts. However, you don’t have to have a credit account to set the limit (see a hint below).

Alert at % of Limit. If the account alert is set to be visible (see the preceding option), this allows one to set the alert threshold as a fraction of the account limit. For example, if you have a checking account and want to receive an alert when its balance drops below $100, set the limit for the account to $10,000 and the alert at 1% (1% of $10,000 is $100).

Go to Chart of Accounts. If this option is checked, Anza Money will start application from the Charts of Accounts instead of the Main Screen.

Show Absolute Values. If this option is checked, Anza Money will hide minus (negative) sign for values and totals. The values will be shown in red color to remind about their negative meaning.

Transactions Preferences

Order of Transactions. (“Sort by Date/Time”) By default, transactions are sorted in descending order where the most recent transaction appear at the top of the list. You can change the sorting to ascending order, descending order by initial date or ascending order by initial date.

Default status. This option changes the default value of the transaction status during the transaction setup screen.

Limit blotter entries. If checked, this option gives user access to tuning the number of list entries on the screen.

Visible blotter entries. If the <Limit the display of entries> is checked, this gives you access to fine tuning of the number of list entries per screen. AnzaMoney automatically determines the meaningful range for the number of list entries per screen.

Restore the missing transaction. If checked, this option will automatically reclassify missed scheduled transactions into the status of “Draft”. Otherwise, the user will be prompted for the status update.

Time scheduled. (“Scheduled execution time”) This option brings up the Time setup widget that allows you to choose the time of execution for scheduled transactions.

Agenda period.

Similar Transactions Warning. This is an additional control to avoid duplicated transactions. If these options are turned on (by default), you get a warning message. The warning will popup, If the user attempts to input a transaction with the same parameters as an existing transaction (account, date, and the amount). You can turn this option Off in Preferences->Transactions & Entries->Similar Transactions Warning.

Templates Preferences

Action on Click option allows you to select what needs to happen when you click on a template. The choices are: edit the template or create a new transaction from the template. Edit template is always available from the long click menu of options.

Search Preferences

Instant Search option makes the application follow your input of the search string and start partial string searching as soon as the specified number of characters is available.

Min Number of Characters is the specified number of characters for Instant Search. This option uses a sliding bar.

Backup and Export Preferences

Daily Auto-Backup option can be enabled for saving financial data to the SD-card at the specified time (use Auto-Backup Time setting).


Financial information is often sensitive. Anza Money provides a simple yet efficient mechanism for locking your data: PIN Protection.

Change PIN option gives the user the ability to change PIN code. There is no PIN code set by default, so the application is not going to lock the screen until the PIN code is defined.

PIN Lockout Interval defines the idle time before the screen is locked.

Other Preferences

Exit Behavior allows one to choose between the following modes when the Android Back button is pressed while on the main screen:

  • Stay in the App will not exit through the Back button click.
  • Press Again will request second Back button click to confirm the intent to exit the application.
  • Request Confirmation will bring up a dialog box asking to confirm the intention to leave the application (Yes/No).