Anza Money: Books

At the installation time, Anza Money suggests a choice between trying Demo Book and creating a new book. The Demo Book reflects a personal accounting profile. It is designed to demonstrate how to use the hierarchy of  accounts and categories for structuring your money management. The free version of Anza Money is full-featured, but it does limit the number of transactions. The commercial version lifts off that restriction.

To create an additional book, go to the Change Book option from the main screen. Note the  icon in the bottom left corner of the books list which appears on the screen:


There are three book types that you can choose to create:

  • Chart of Accounts (CoA) Personal - has the structure adapted to our personal/family profile of accounts and spending patterns.
  • Chart of Accounts (CoA) Business - is harmonized with small business accounting needs, where the book structure follows typical workflows of a small business.
  • Chart of Accounts (CoA) Schedule C (Form 1040)- is organized in the format of a 1040c form, making it easy to record business transactions

Chart of Accounts can be easily adopted for your needs using its hierarchical structure. Organizing transactions in hierarchies allows users to see reporting by transaction categories. For example, category Automobile may contain gasoline, repairs, washing, and so on. While users record transactions into corresponding sub-categories, the sum can be seen under the Automobile category. More on the hierarchical organization of the accounts can be found in the Accounts section below.

After you make the choice of the book type a book setup screen will appear. You can name your new book and select the main (default for that book) currency for the transactions. Choosing default currency does not preclude choice of another currency at the account level. However, the book’s main currency is the one which other currencies will be converted to. Main currency is a way to normalize transactions to a common base when heterogeneous (in terms of currencies) transactions take place. The new Book will be appended to the list of books.

Long click on the Book entry in the list brings up a menu of options:

  • Select: will change the accounting workflow to the selected Book. All Anza Money functions will be performed in the scope of the selected Book and its accounts.
  • Edit: allows users to change the name of the Book and/or the default currency.
  • Delete: deletes the book.

Attention: Anza Money will not prevent you from deleting the last book. However, you will need to create a new book to continue your work with accounts and transactions.