Anza Money: Reports, Actions, Export, Import

Every transaction contributes to the change in financial state. Making reports easily accessible and readable helps to extract maximum value from keeping the books in order. Anza Money has several reporting features organically integrated with transactions (e.g. Budgets) and a special reporting engine. To access it, go to the Reports section on the Main Screen. The list of reports is empty unless you previously created some reports.

To create a new report, select the  icon at left bottom part of the screen. You are now ready to define new report:

Give your new report name and select the interval of dates (“From” and “To”) that you want this report to compile over.

You can use the left and right arrows to move by day or a drop-down calendar (down arrow) on the date selecting widget. If you want to setup a report that will adjust to the current date, select the “To” date in the remote future. The report will be compiled between the “From” date and the current date until the current date passes the “To” date.

Graphing of the report items can be tuned by grouping the data into time slots - bins. Choose the frequency of the bins, for example: every “2 x Week” will summarize the data with bi-weekly granularity, and “1 x Day” will do daily bins. Tuning the grouping bins help producing better looking and easier to read reports.

Choose report item: Account, Project, or Payee.

Correspondingly, the report item will be compiled over the account transactions (for the specified account or category) or transactions with designated Account Entry Attributes such as Project or Payee. Report items have color attributes (see the rectangle in front of the report item ). By clicking on the rectangle, you bring up the color chooser widget and select the color of the item. The selected color will be used in drawing the graphs and charts. You can add several items to the report for comparative analytics.

By clicking one of the items for which you have a report, you are taken to the Edit Report Item Screen where you can edit several elements of the report:

  • Item Name- You can change the name of your report using this function
  • Operation- You can choose to either report on the Total Balance or the Balance Change
  • Aggregate Function- You can select by which criteria to group your report (Sum of Entries, Maximum Entry Amount, Minimum Entry Amount, Average Amount, Count of Entries)
  • Color- You can also edit the color of your report with this edit function
  • Use Pending/Scheduled/Recurring- You can select which transactions you would like to be included in your report
  • Account Filter- You can filter the Accounts from which transactions are added into the report
  • Payee Filter- You can also filter the Payees so only the transactions from certain Payees are added into the report

Press OK when done: you are returning to the list of reports. You can continue creating new reports - Anza Money allows you to have many different predefined reports that can be run and rerun at your convenience. To run the report, use the  icon or do a long click on the report item in the list and select “Run Report”. Other options in the popup selection are self-explanatory - “Edit” and “Delete”.

Reports are provided in two forms: tables and graphs. The default form is a table, so you can easily see and analyze the numbers. Press on the  at the bottom left of the table report screen to switch to graphs. Graphic form features touch screen navigation (try zooming in/out or moving axes, for example) as well as scaling widget.

. To exit graphic form, use Android’s built-in “return back” navigation.

The report can be saved in the file  or or exported  in an email   in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format.