Anza Money: Key Features


  • Double-entry Accounting System

    This is a systematic and balanced system of accounting that offers you a number of advantages in practical money management.

  • Multiple Books

    Anza Money allows users to have more than one book. You can have an accounting book for your personal finances as well as a book for each family member while simultaneously recording transactions for your small business. The books can be independently managed.

  • Budgets

    Income and expense information can be tracked according to defined and adjustable time periods. This allows the user to frame temporal windows of interest and view the snapshots of these transactions for the defined intervals.

  • Charts of Accounts

    Helps to organize accounts of different types into a unified hierarchical structure. In fact, the Charts of Accounts view is a financial report on its own, providing quick access to the current state of your financial affairs.

  • Transactions and Entries. Double-entry bookkeeping

    Anza Money supports a variety of transactions with a number of attributes such as transaction status. The examples of transaction types include:

    • Scheduled Transaction
    • Split Transaction
    • Recurring Transaction
    The use of the Split Transaction feature allows users to itemize components of a composite transaction, which provides the means for convenient detailed reporting. In addition, the user has the option to set and modify the status of transactions in accordance with their state of completion.


  • Templates

    This feature provides a quick and flexible way for recording repeated transactions. Simply create a template of the transaction that you frequently encounter and use the template when entering the transaction. The templates can also be organized in trees for convenience of access.

  • Blotter

    Allows the user to view all transactions (with status) in one place sorted by the date and the amount. The Blotter feature provides quick access to the list of transactions when the user is not concerned with the accounts hierarchy.

  • Agenda

    Calendar of scheduled and recurring transactions that helps you to foresee what is coming (this is why we call it Agenda).

  • Projects and Payees

    The users can tag transactions for specific Payees and Projects. Tagged transactions can be later analyzed by involving reports filtered by the assigned payees and projects. This feature allows users to follow specific workflows.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Anza Money supports multiple currencies and currency conversions in accordance with predefined conversion rates.

  • Reports

    The powerful combination of Charts of Accounts and Budgets gives users instantaneous reporting capability – your financial state of affairs is always at your fingertips. In addition, Anza Money provides advanced reporting capability where users can easily compile financial reports by accounts and transactions in tabular or graphic forms.

  • Import and Export

    Transaction data can be exported from Anza Money in a web-friendly format (HTML) for viewing in any web browser. The data can also be exported in comma-separated values format (CSV) which is used by many financial applications for information exchange. The data can be imported from other financial applications capable of exporting in QIF, OFX(QFX) and CSV format.

  • Customized Settings and Themes

    Anza Money gives a number of options for customizing and localizing the user interface. The color themes, sizes of entries, and representation of numbers are examples of settings that can be easily modified by the user.

  • Backup & Restore

It is important to ensure the safety of the financial information that you spent time organizing. Anza Money provides several tools for backing up, restoring, and verifying your data.

  • Search

Convenient way of quickly locating a user’s entries in the growing number of records. Users can search Accounts and Transactions by fragments of words in their names or other fields. The search results appear as the user is typing.


  • Widgets

    One-click access to transactions directly from the device screen. Users can configure accounts and categories that are linked to the widget entry. To install, select the Anza Money widget from the menu of widgets (long click on the Android background screen).